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When Sydney took Indoor Cycling as her physical education credit at Emory, she had no idea it would foreshadow her future career. Fitness was always a release and when working long hard hours at a public relations firm in NYC, SoulCycle became her daily therapy. Sydney would ride at SoulCycle every morning as a way to clear her mind and start her day moving in the right direction. SoulCycle gave her energy, strength, and enough confidence to leave her full-time job and pursue a career as a SoulCycle instructor. She became an instructor in 2012 and is so thankful every day that she found her calling (and the #SydSquad) in fitness!

Sydney teaches her signature SoulCycle cardio party at various locations in NYC including Union Square, 19th Street, and Bryant Park. You can also find #SydSquad at SoulCycle Montauk and Bridgehampton during the summer and SoulCycle South Beach during the winter.